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Focus on 3 critical aspects of Long Covid Pacing...

Cognitive Recovery

Identify processes to increase neuro activities. Plus, decrease stress and anxiety. Create wellness routines to manage depression and mental health. Discover tools, downloads and MP3's to help foster peace of mind and coping strategies.

Pulmonary Care

Addressing Pulmonary issues such as, shortness of breath, chest pains, low vitality and decreased oxygen levels. Each video assists you safely. Access the private membership area to learn more.

Physical Strength

Building strong major muscle groups while reclaiming balance, increasing strength and endurance. Eliminating stress on your mind, body and soul while renewing vitality. These resources will enhance muscle mass and help you to break free from the grips of chronic fatigue. Your sore muscles, joint pains, and atrophy will rid itself from your body utilizing daily exercises.

Our Founder's Story...

Maya McNulty - From Ventilator to Victory

Maya McNulty, CEO, Covid Wellness, LLC., Patient Led Researcher, CEO, UpTheBiz Marketing, PR & Branding , Best -Selling Author, Speaker & Mental Health and LC-19 Advocate. She has worked with thousands of people for more than two decades creating opportunities for entrepreneurs as one of America's most respected business branding strategists, marketer and speaker. She's been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, Healthline, WebMD, Boston Globe, Dear Doctor with Pfizer and many more.

Maya battled Coronavirus March, 2020 one of the first young females infected, hospitalized for 69 days, in a 30 day medically induced coma and ventilator for 6 weeks. Maya, a long hauler, has had to re-learn how to walk, talk and eat normally. She lost her hair, voice and is still recovering steadily. Maya started Walking Warrior, Inc.  The Foundation helps to support Covid-19 survivors and their families with ongoing recovery support, guidance and medical costs.

Long COVID is a heterogeneous syndrome that develops during or after an acute COVID-19 illness, continues for at least 12 weeks, and is not explained by an alternative diagnosis. Common symptoms include fatigue, headache, shortness of breath, joint pain, insomnia, anxiety, cognitive dysfunction, vestibular, vascular and nerve symptoms. 

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Regain control and thrive with holistic solutions. Get the care you need from the devastating symptoms and effects of Long Covid.

Medical Professionals and Members Powerful Stories of Hope and Survivors Resiliency

Bri Burlett

''The Covid Wellness Clinic has been such a big support for me. It has provided me with information on how to care for myself not only physically but mentally as well through my post Covid recovery. I'm so glad I found this group that’s led by one of the strongest survivorsI know, Maya.''

Certified Nurses Assistant - Glens Fall, NY

Ingrid R. Tully

"Apart from the devastating impact on our health. COVID-19 made us feel isolated and alone. Many people endured tremendous challenges and hardship but groups like Covid Wellness Clinic group makes the fight a bit easier. We are not in this alone and the support given here has been remarkable for many many people. I am grateful for resources like this and proud of Maya’s come back as she is an amazing example to all of those who are still struggling post Covid."

Online Marketer - Long Island, NY

Medical Professionals and long covid surviviors Recommendations

Charlie Perkins

"Covid Wellness Clinic online care program is helping survivors. I highly recommend."

Retired Senior Manager, Mayo Clinic

Rochester, MN

RN, ICU: Crystel Loustau

"In my career as an ICU nurse who has cared for hundreds of Covid-19 patients, it's become an alarming concern and evident that additional therapies for long term care is needed surrounding patients who are recovering from Covid-19. I refer my patients to Covid Wellness Clinic online program as part of their recovery regiment at home. The online program is safe, effective and healthy for patients of all ages."

Ellis Medicine, NY  

RN, Acute Care/Rehab: Michon Terrell

"As a nurse who cared for Covid patients, I realize the struggle some patients will face as they continue on their recovery journey. I refer my patients to The Covid Wellness Clinic where they can find helpful resources and support to help them to continue to recover. Covid Wellness online program is a helpful resource."

Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital, NY

RN, Tiffany Simmons

"I pride myself as a Registered Nurse. My unit provides care for COVID-19 patients. I have recommend Covid Wellness Clinic support and recovery guidance online program to our patients for helpful resources and at home support. I've heard many positive feedback from my patients."

St. Charles Health System: Bend, OR

Maria Pelton

"Thank you Maya McNulty for creating such a useful resource for those who continue to struggle from post Covid symptoms. I contracted Covid back in January and have continued to have lingering symptoms from it; most concerning has been my breathing and mind/brain function. Your lessons that speak to Pulmonary and Cognitive care are so relatable and helpful. And I absolutely love the bonus features!" 

Dessert Baker, NY

Caleb Shoemaker

"In early July of 2020, I had what I thought was a basic cold. I was taking cold medicine and sleeping it off. I awoke with difficulty breathing and my pulse ox showed me at 89. I went to the ER where I was confirmed I had Covid-19. Almost a year later, I am in rehab to regain my ability to walk and go home to my newborn son. Covid Wellness Clinic has truly taught me that I’m not alone in this fight. It has given me hope and the strength to keep going."

Sales - Lehigh Acres, Florida

Christina Lynn McNeal

"It’s been just over 8+ months since I started to experience symptoms of Covid-19. I did not have a bad case at all. But soon found out it would be a long journey ahead. One function at a time began to fail after I was said to be recovered. My lungs are now damaged. I lost motor function in my hands. My ability to walk was decreased to using a walker at home and wheelchair in public. I could not drive. I could not work. I could not cook or even fold laundry. The last 8+ months have been about hope. Finding ways to recover my strength and reclaim my abilities as best I can. Covid Wellness Clinic has been that support of knowing I’m not alone. Sharing our grievances, successes and motivation to making today be a better day.''

Hair Dresser, North Dakota

Kristin Verdugo, California

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